randombookworm: do you have visual snow? I have it, can you tell me about it

Ya absolutely. I’ve had it my entire life or at least as far back as my earliest memories (age 3). I’ve never known a world without static/snow.

It’s a very dense, yet fine, colourful static. Constantly buzzing. It’s brighter/easier to see in detail against dark backgrounds or in dim/dark lighting.

I thought everyone else could see this way until I was 21. Since figuring out that most people don’t see the world the same way I do, I tend to focus on it more now. I appreciate it. I pay attention to its changes and what affects it. It seems to be getting more vivid the more attention I pay.

I find that if I try to focus on one colour in the static that I tend to see more of that colour in the multicoloured dots. This makes me think that it’s more than just an optic problem and that it’s connected to the brain. It’s possible to project or imagine certain small changes or patterns in it depending on my state.

I find that when there’s a great deal of sunlight that the static seams to shimmer and I can see that some of the dots shine brighter and tend to zip around rather than buzz.

I’d be happy to answer any more questions you have and I’m very interested to hear what your ‘snowy vision’ or ‘static’ is like in comparison.